Let's see there are so many different faucets to my personality. Which can be seen within this blog. Fashion has been a part of my life from a very young age from posing for pictures, to designing clothing inspired by Hercules the cartoon. My style can vary so much depending on my mood, but mostly I love bright fun colors, and fashions that are unique, innovative and whimsical. But I also love edgier fashion that utilize basic colors and are more minimalistic and focused on details.

I am in a place where everything is changing. I have one last year before I get my bachelor's in Fashion Design. And finally enter the real world. It's both exciting, and horrifying to me. But I started this blog in the hopes of documenting the things that inspire me. As well as sharing bits of my life with the world. I hope you enjoy and come along for the ride.

I also love to make friends!! Email or just comment. :]