Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gahh I so want to splurge.

I work at Macy's, and sometimes we have some amazing things in the Impulse department. I have been eyeing this one french connection dress for the longest time, and on my lunch break today I decided to try it on. But silly me forgot my camera so i have no pictures of me wearing them. but here are some pics that I found online, although the one i tried on and love is the teal one. I can't seem to find pictures of the teal one. Too bad it costs $178. I thought it was really cute, but my mom didn't like the bust detail.

Isn't the racerback fabulous? I absolutely love it and the zipper!

I did however buy a 25 singles super long, super soft black cardigan w/ pics to come.



i think thats hauttte said...

that is a really cute dress. hmm i wonder if theres a good pattern for something like that?