Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alot of things have been happening lately. I went to Canada for the memorial day weekend. It was fun. I ate so much food... but it was so good... And got to eat at my favorite resturants and drank some nice tea, hence the pic. I spent time with family and did a bit of shopping but I didn't really buy anything. Except we went to this store called Winners and its like a Ross, in America, and It was fantastic. I only got a cardigan though, but its really cute! and the funny thing is its made in the usa. :)
And I was so excited I got to see the H&M in Canada and its huge. And their were billboards of Matthew Williamson's collection! and some of his collection was there. And I wish they had more of the women's collection because I am absolutely in love with it. I might have to go to New York for Topshop, fred flare, and h&m... hmm road trip!
I also started summer school, art history I, and jewelry making&metalsmithing! Its only been three days of class.. and I am just exhausted. Two hours of Art History in the morning, and 4 hours of jewelry making&metalsmithing. Metalsmithing is very labor intensive and difficult. And I am not dropping any of these classes. I have to finish it.. because I want to acquire the skills of metalsmithing.
Lastly, to add to this mega post, my favorite show: So You Think You Can Dance! is back!! :D And I am watching it as we speak.

Anyways peace.