Friday, May 08, 2009

Motivated, and ready.

OK I am finally able to add some pics instead of having the window freeze on me. I finally cleaned my "studio". on the left is the before picture and after pic is on the right. I'm really happy because now I can sew, and design in a clean clear environment which is so necessary for me. Currently i'm working on changing this zipup hoodie into a pull over sweater.

Not to mention I'm starting my weight loss plan starting today! I am so motivated today, and I have figured out and prioritized all my goals for the summer, and I stuck them up in my room, and now I just need to figure out the right actions and moves to accomplish them. I currently weigh 127.5 and I am going to lose weight down to 115. I am a bit frustrated at myself for letting myself go so much. But I need to take control of my eating habits. It is my fault for letting go so much. And because of that I'm taking responsibility of that.

I'm drinking water from this bottle. It's like 2000ml so i'm drinking 4,000 ml of water daily. It feels good I feel like im cleaning out my body of all the crap. And to better my health I'm also going to take my herbalife vitamins and do pilates yoga every other day, and maybe bike ride.