Saturday, May 02, 2009

Summer summer!

I can't believe summer is already here. But since it is.. I really want to get a lot of things accomplished. This is the summer before I become a junior. I'm scared for what is to come, and excited all at once. This is the summer that I really need to get my shit together.
Here are some things that I plan on doing:

  1. taken classes art history I, art history II, and Jewelry & Metalsmithing. Def really eager to take jewelry and metalsmithing it has been one of my priorities to learn how to do metalsmithing. Especially since my real passion has always been making jewelry.
  2. Starting to work for Herbalife, seriously. It is another one of my passions, and I feel that my life will only be able to be successful if I am successful in Herbalife. Then I will have the freedom to do the things I dream of doing.
  3. Bringing back sourtang, hopefully with the help of my photography talented friends, and models.
  4. Become more independent from my parents, and family in general. I feel like my dependence on family as well as friends is holding me back from my greatness. Not blaming anyone or anything.. or saying I don't love you guys. But I have to work hard now so when I'm older I can live a wonderful life.
  5. Sew like a mothersewer.. lol bad joke? , anyways.. I plan on working with patterns, and even creating some of my own. This time I will actually plan everything out perfectly. I feel like I'll be living at gstreet fabrics for the summer.
  6. And to actually have a fun vacation, mini-roadtrips to the beach, new york, and richmond.
  7. Blog more consistantly since I have more time for it. And I really do love blogging, so hopefully I'll meet other really awesome bloggers!!

That is one long list and hopefully I'll be able to accomplish this. This pretty much means that I won't be on facebook anymore.. But I'd rather be off facebook, and having a life. So I'm excited for this summer, I'm gunna take a break until tommorow, and then Monday I'll be working my butt off.

BTWS I have a twitter, so follow me! and I also have a tumblr acct, basically as a collection of inspiration for myself, and things so take a look.