Thursday, July 09, 2009

Couture Couture, Fall 09

Elie Saab. I was just drawn to this collection, everything from the contrast of textures and the use of white. And the makeup and the shoes. It reminds me of the winter time, and snow.

Armani Prive. I am loving these two dresses they are so sexy and a bit rocker-ish at the same time. And blue animal prints = amazing!

Jean Paul Gaultier. So both these outfits seem like good versus evil. The white with gold tiered dress and the veil completely reminds me of the queen from Narnia, except ten times sexier. I am throughly enjoying the tights and the knee length boots.

I'm realizing that my style goes more torwards the sexy, textures, and simplisty of design. I'm trying to figure out what exactly my design style is like. And I feel like my style is just all over the place. Hopefully, I can figure this out this summer.

Photos from nymag.