Friday, July 17, 2009

DC Adventureee!

I really had a fun time in DC yesterday with Lily. Visited the Nat'l gallery of art, and the Hirshhorn musuem of modern art. I really enjoyed both.. even though I kept feeling like I was going around in circles at the Nat'l gallery and getting lost. But after taking my art history class I feel so much smarter walking into the musuem and knowing what time period is what and who that artist is and etc. I was excited if you can't tell. After that, Lily and I went to the Hirshhorn for the first time, and modern art is probably the most confusing of all... because you never really know what is what sometimes. Then we hit up chinatown to go see the free screening of food inc. Turns out we actually needed to get tickets before hand. and we failed. But atleast we got cupcakes and frozen yogurt. It was all good. And we ended up watching the proposal. Which was a really cute movie.
Fun times like these make me love summer so much.


Unique_sns said...

cool i hope u injoyed your self

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