Sunday, July 12, 2009

Landmark Theater

I'm probably behind on the times.. because I just found out about the two landmark theaters in DC. And I am so excited to go watch some foreign movies! The only theater that I had known about was the AFI theater in Silver Spring, which is really nice. But there are so many movies I want to watch.

This movie seem so touching, a story of two young sisters who are left to take care of themselves. Starts on July 24, for a week only! Hopefully, after going to Richmond that weekend I can go see this movie. As well as :

Basically about the search of a re-incarnated Tibetan master. After learning about Buddhism in my religions class, I have been drawn in general to Buddhism and Reincarnation. I watched a movie called "Living Goddess" which is a documentary on the goddess reincarnated in young girls and how they are worshipped.

I hope I get a chance to watch these films. I have other movies I want to see as well, including food inc, and blood: the last vampire. Oh, I might be going to the dc landmark theater on Thurs to watch food inc. If I do go i'll try to remember to take pictures since I have been lacking photos for a while.