Saturday, October 17, 2009

Emanuel Ungaro Spring RTW 2010

Okay, so its pretty obvious that Lindsay Lohan's first fashion debut was a flop. She debuted as the "artistic adviser" for the collection. And i'm not usually one to defend yet another celebrity designer. However, I have to say that ... even though it is under Lindsay Lohan's name, it doesn't mean she was the "designer" behind the entire collection. So I can only say that we should be a little fair to her collection. And that all the blame shouldn't be placed on her.
I did actually like some of the outfits from the collection. Check out the goodies:
Short and sexy, I don't think these can go wrong. It's the simple detailings like the drapery that really makes these dresses stand out.

The not so pretty:

I don't even know... I am usually a prints person, and I like the current trend of mixing patterns but this just doesn't work. And the pink high waisted skirt.. really leaves me speechless. It reminds me of valentines, too much of valentines.

This is yet another reason why celebrities should just remain celebrities, not designers. This just proves how difficult design can actually be and not everyone can just do it. Some celebrities should not design, ahem, Heidi Montag, and Lauren Conrad. And another thing.. why are these people celebrities? Just saying...


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