Friday, November 20, 2009

Winterfying your Wardrobe

Add ImageYes, this weather has been crazy. And Yes, Winter is almost here, even though it doesn't feel like it. Get excited for winter I can't wait for snow, christmas and holiday break! Personally it can be tough deciding how to stay warm while looking fashionable, and with the economy and the lack of funds. Frugalistas can splurge on accessories to look up to date. Here are two of my fav trends for this winter season.


Recently, Cowl neckwarmers have become really popular. I've seen them everywhere, and I am a big fan of the chunky and the coziness of these scarves. They just are a bundle of warmth, and it can easily warm up any winter look. These neckwarmers are made by Yokoo, every thing in her shop is hand knit. That's the best part about shopping at etsy, you can get handmade quality goods. And it's always exciting to find a new designer who creates something fabulous. Even H&M are following the trends of chunky neck warmers. It continues as a trend from indie designers to mainstream retail stores.


Lately, I have seen thigh high boots everywhere. Its a sleek, and sexy look that adds style to your outfit. They can be worn casually or dressed up and what girl doesn't love versatility. I have been looking everywhere for them and have yet to find a pair that I love. So the search continues for a pair of thigh high boots.

Anyways, have fun winterfying your wardrobe cause I sure will be.


Rach said...

What I love about winter... the accessories, the jackets, the shoes!!! Winter Wonderland :)

BluesyFashionista said...

I want a pair of the thigh high boots too! I am still on the hunt myself!

Anonymous said...

Since miniskirts are in right now, I can totally see why thigh-high boots are too. The two go perfectly together. I have been looking for some tall boots, but I can't find any that I like and don't have a heel...c'est la vie.

ghlittergrl said...

I absolutely love thigh high boots! I am hoping to get a pair for christmas this year. I just hope they haven't gone out of season but that time :( either way I still want to wear them, especially black leather ones!