Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Break at Last

It's been a long and grueling semester, and it has finally come to an end!

It was indefinetly my most difficult year in college and I'm so happy I came out successful in the end. I put so much sweat, blood and tears into it, and even though it sounds like I'm hella over exaggerating its the truth. I worked super hard and here are some of my fruits of labor. lmfao.

Here's the most recent project I made, the shirt and I painted some things for textiles design. And I'm currently working on building my fashion portfolio. And so after a semester of hard work, on black friday, yes a long time ago, I ordered this bag for myself:

His name is Sherman the turtle bag. Even though he is definitely not made out of turtle or any animal. I saw him on the UO's website, and I knew I had to have one. And it's so soft, and the endless pockets bring me happiness.

I have many things to do over winter break, so I really need to drag my ass off the internet. But I swear I'm doing work online too!! I've been searching for scholarships and trying to build an online portfolio to showcase my work. If anyone, has any suggestions for any of those things it would be great to know.