Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ah, warm weather come sooner!

I absolutely adore this editorial featuring model Freja. She looks super intense and edgy. As usual, but with a lot more color. This makes me want spring to come sooner, I want to wear short things, and bask in the sun. Not to mention it's like 10 degrees here in MD, and its freezing even in my house.

Its the new year. I can't believe it at all. It's really umm.. mind-blowing. Where did 2009 goooo?!? oh, well , I'm super super excited for 2010, so I'm kinda glad 2009 is overr.
And as usual, I'm making some serious goals for this year. And of course I had to go anal on it and organize my goals into categories. haha. ok here goes the listage (yes, i came up with a new awesome word for list):

Health & Nutrition goals
1. lose weight to 115 pounds, & keep it off.
2. Exercise weekly
3. Eat mah vitamins.

Academic + school goals
1. Keep a high GPA
2. Get summer internship in new york.
3. Remain active, in int'l club, fashion club, and gcp.
4. Enter in scholarships and win at least one.

Life goals
1. cultivate and take care of the relationships that I have
2. try not to be a perfectionist. and not be in control of everything.
3. 1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive. 2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happen. 3. Live simply and appreciate what you have. 4. Give more. 5. Expect less.

Fashion + Crafting, and making stuff goals
1. sew one project each month.
2. find a job that's fashion related
3. craft on a weekly basis
4. open up my etsy shop
5. be more consistent and improve as a blogger

So, i'm done with listaging for the time being. I'm watching Lucky # Slevin right now, and might I add, Josh Hartnett is super fione. And I just love the way the whole movie is set up.

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