Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Mash-UP!

Been super irritated lately, pretty sure its my sinuses acting up. But these photos and things make me happy, and feel better. I think i'm starting to develop more of a style, and I'm pretty sure it's leaning towards avante garde, crazy, edgy or something. Which really contrasts to the way i dress more simply, and my designs as well. But i guess this entire blog is an ode to my style. But at the same time, I like rough-ness and edginess, I'm a big fan of the romantic, and feminine things. And the comfort. I want to say that my style is just a weird mash up of comfort, minimalism, romance, and edginess.

Who knew this post, was going to inspire me to help narrow down my style. I'm going to fix my sinuses now. Bye.

knightcat, fashiongonerogue