Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasure: vampires

I just wanted to share my love for vampires. and trust me I didn't just jump on this bandwagon. I've loved them before all this sparkling vampires aka Twilight. I just recently started and finished Buffy the Vampire slayer season 2 on hulu. And I freaking love buffy, and it makes me long for the days of good witty, and magical tv shows from the past, shows like charmed.

I'm so tired of people being obsessed with Twilight.. if you really want to like vampires, get into true blood, or even vampire diaries. I hate to admit that I like and watch vampire diaries, but I can't help myself the salvatore brothers are just too sexy for their own goods. And lastly, from one of my favorite movies, Queen of the Damned, that is what vampires should be. Ah, I just love vampires... and i'm talking about the real ones.


Anonymous said...

i know, i love vampire diaries too... just like i loved buffy and angel... vampires are sexy!