Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jen Kao Fall 2010 RTW

Dear Jen Kao,

Thanks for making a collection that I actually fell in love with this season!


Okay okay, lets get serious. But I seriously fell in love with this collection. It reminds me of star trek, and I'm pretty sure it is inspired by it because the models look like they have vulcan ears. I promise I'm not a trekkie, which I'm not, I'm just a super big fan of Mr. Chris Pine. The knit dresses, with sexy cut-outs (my favorite thing at the moment) blew me away. I'm not exaggerated, I saw it, and I knew this collection wasn't going to bore me. And It didn't, unique knits like these are something that I don't usually come by. This collection just had a lot of elements that I really am obsessed about, aka sheer fabrics, cutouts, furry/textured things, knits, details on the dresses, and just about everything. So yeah I'm pretty muchly in love with Jen Kao's collection, If you didn't already know it.



Marine said...

this is amazing.
nice blog =) thanks for following mine !
Happy valentines day <3

nicole said...

Fabulous collection! I love your reviews off all of the collections, what a great blog.

Can't wait to see more posts!

Kelly said...

Thanks Marine and Nicole! <3