Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Been MIA

It's very springy feeling today, the weather is hot, the flip flops are out and so are the sunglasses. Ah, I absolutely love it! It's so wonderful. But unfortunately I am stuck in the library "researching" for my history paper. Yes, I'm subjected to taking a history class as a part of my grad requirements, but hey its the last Gen Ed I need to take. So YAY for that!

I have been super MIA, I have been super busy with practices for the Int'l Banquet Fashion Show this year, I am coordinating it. And It's just busy-ness constantly, But I enjoy it because I know everything will pay off.

I feel like things are coming together.

And to make this post more fashion relevant, I love the Bergdorf Goodman Spring 2010 Catalog. I definitely like how some of the looks are very crisp, neutral and plain. Summer time for me is going back to the basics.

How is everyone else? Hope you are all staying sane! :)