Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Side Note

No one, and nothing will stop me from reaching my dreams. Not even money. I will go to New York and I will get my fashion design internship! I will get it! There is no stopping me.


Eden said...

go for gold kelly! nothing and no one can stop you and make you feel like youre not good enough. you can do it!

ps btw followed you. can't wait for your updates re fashion school!


Dane said...

Nothing can stop you! I love that! I only decided last year to pursue my dream of designing and I now have a small label and am having the time of my life. You can do it!

Kelly said...

@ Eden: Thanks so much for your kind words they mean so much to me!! <3

@ Dane: That is so wonderful, I'd love to hear more abut your small label! Thank you for the encouragement!! I'm following your blog! :)

Louela Daniele said...

thats the way to go! positive thinking will get you places! I love New York! Thats a great place to start especially in fashion designing. I've done my share of sewing and designing straight from my basement. I would have gone far but other things kept getting in the way. FOCUS is my advice to you. Hopefully you fulfill your dreams!

Kelly said...

@Louela: Thank you for your advice! I will definitely be focusing on my dreams! Especially now that I only have one year left of college!