Thursday, April 01, 2010

International Banquet 2010

So this is what I've been slaving away at, with model practices, and arranging so many things. And now that its over, you'd think I'd have a break to catch a breather... but of course their isn't. And after neglecting my blog too much, I'm finally updating it. The photos above are from the International banquet fashion show, and the finale of the banquet. I was the co-chair for the fashion show for the int'l banquet this year! It was so much fun... and I even modeled in the show. This year has definetely been a year of being out of my own comfort zone. But I modeled the Bolivian outfit which is me in the blue hair, and having mad hair extensions was mucho fun! :]

Anddd.. next year I am going to Public Relations officer next year for the fashion club.

Life is coming at me fast but I'm lovin' it.

Photos courtesy of Gasper Kay