Sunday, May 23, 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Random title, maybe a little. But someday I plan on decorating my home. Sometimes I'm in the mood for antiquey old things with a combination of super modern pieces too. Lately I've been super obsessed with hanging out in furniture stores? .. haha I guess I'm running out of places to go. But I love furniture/ home stores. I always find things that I want in my future home.

Was really attracted to these paintings of Chinese pottery. A bit of a new take on the old, I guess.

Basket filled with love. <3>

Love this table setting, especially the teapots in front.

And umm.. magical potion bottles of course.

This probably won't conclude my obsession with home stores. I think its me really wanting to create a home for myself. But that time will come a little later. What's your dream home going to look like?!


Anonymous said...

I love all these little home decorations! Especially the pots, too adorable to pass up.

Kelly said...

Thanks! I really want to buy all of them! haha.