Saturday, May 22, 2010

Young Designers Exhibition Part 1!

Love this cozy bed/couch thing. I just want to curl up in it. :)

These are just too cute, and look super chic even as childrens toys.

Awesome polar bear, w/ projections on it, looked like a robo bear.

I really like the concept of taking pictures of people eating. lol. since I like eating. :D Might be a project that I want to try out with my friends and the bloggers out there.

Taipei 101.

Finally something non-food related! I just went to the young designers exhibition, that was held in the Taipei World Trade Center. It was a really amazing experience. I got a lot of information about Grad school internationally at schools in England, Italy and France. I hope to study abroad some day. I didn't really take that many pictures during the exhibition. But I took what I could, and here are some of my favorite designs not related to fashion. I have more pictures to come with fashion design later. PS, I've really been into housing things, I really want to buy my own home. But you'll find my new obsession with housing stores later. lol.