Thursday, June 24, 2010

100 Things I want to do before I'm 25

So I love to list things. And since I've decided this summer is one of deep contemplation and all that jazz,, since I will be graduating in one year. Making some goals, and things really helps move things along. A long list, inspired by Lindsay's list which you can find here!

Here we go! :)

1. Learn how to read and write Chinese.
2. Learn how to cook food well.
3. Open my own fashion design business.
4. Travel to Italy: Colosseum; drink italian wine;
5. Travel to Barcelona, Spain and see Antonio Gaudi's work: Park Guell; Casa Mila; Sagrada Familia; Casa Batllo and a lot of otha thangs too.
5. Move to New York or DC, or somewhere not in Maryland.
6. Invest in an a townhouse/ place to live.
7. Lease my own car.
8. Have my first fashion show.
9.Make my first million dollars.
10. Continue blogging. :)
11. Understand myself fully.
12. Make a youtube video of me singing, and actually put it on youtube.
13. Be a better blogger.
14. Get my first real salary based job.
15. Road trip to Boston, or NY with friends.
16. Bake red velvet cupcakes from scratch.
17. Get my own booth at the crafty bastards craft show.
18. Rent my first studio.
19. Get into a serious relationship.
20. Contribute and get something published in a print or online magazine.
21. Open and actually put things into my etsy shop.
22. Have a successful online business.
23. Pay off my college debt.
24. Keep off my 15 pounds, and stay at 110 pounds.
25. Completely revamp my wardrobe.
26. Get a booth at the ballston arts and crafts market.
27. Finally buy a pair of TOMS shoes!!
28. Enter 5 or more fashion design competitions.
29. Have a crafternoon party.
30. Learn how to make guacamole.
31. Find happiness in single-dom.
32. Take a metal smithing studio class @ mc.
33. Make all jewelry, and matching accessories for my senior fashion show.
34. Learn how to read, write, and speak Italian.
35. Learn how to make wine.
36. Start a Monster-Make-Better Chapter in DC.
37. Join a craft mafia.
38. Open a joint artistic studio with like minded artists.
39. Go vintage shopping.
40. Study abroad in Italy.
41. Travel to Paris, France.
42. Hire someone to create my logo, and website.
43. Volunteer once a month with an animal shelter.
44. Hold holiday potlucks with college friends.
45. See a manatee in real life.
46. Adopt another manatee.
47. Continue sponsoring my child.
48. Sew pleather clutches.
49. Make a plushie stuffed animal!!
50. Continue to give up eating beef.
51. Get a completely new look aka hair cut, and makeup.
52. Go on a big trip with college friends.
53. Adopt a puppy.
54. Learn how to speak Italian.
55. Find a job in fashion design in NYC.
56. Throw an elegant graduation party.
57. Have a big 21st bday weekend celebration!

TOO BE CONTINUED... haha I've been trying to post this for a couple of days weeks, and I wanted to complete all 100 things to do. But I just can't seem to come up with anything atm.


gina said...

This is such an inspiring list! And it's a cool idea to do things before turning 25, i made one list of things to do before I die. yours though is more immediate :)

love the pictures too!

xo, gina

Fashion Butter said...

This look like a great list to me! I know you will be successful!

Taylor Sterling said...

I love the list!! Great idea!

Bijou's Style said...

Love this - so inspiring to make my own list!!!


ShenDovestyle said...

Great list! Hope you are able to complete all of them! With the exception of your school-related items, I have a similar list though I am already in my mid-twenties : )

(always)alanna said...

aw but these are such greattt picks! love this idea.. definitely going to be doing this asap. thanks for sharing prettygirl!

Aud_Fashion said...

I made an unwritten list of things to do, but its more of things to do before I die.
I am inspired, I will make a list too. :D
Ps. As always, I love your blogs and your creativity.

dotie said...

great list!
good luck on your journey of making your 1st million dollars :)

eclectic du jour

KcomeKarolina said...

great idea to such a list...well, mine will be "1oo things to do befor 30" ...

xoxo from rome (i've already did your 4...i moved here:P )

Leia's Delights said...

This sounds like an excellent list! Good luck in accomplishing all your goals :)

miss anonymous. said...

This is an awesome list! Good luck completing it :)

I'm inspired to make my own!
xx miss anonymous.

Fashion Tidbits said...

what a great idea!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

what a great idea!!!

The Jilted Lovers said...

great list!! im certain youll achieve most if not all of them! :)

Amy said...

This is such an incredible and inspiring post. I hope and am sure you will achieve all. Just don't forget to update us on these exciting check marks!