Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Interiors with a Side of Fashion

I've been in this mood, where I just want to buy my own home, and design the interior of it with things that are comfy, and relaxing. And I came across Donna Karan's home collection with Urban Zen.

And I am in love with the hand-dyed silk dresses made by Mina Stone I absolutely love them all!!

Ah, So exciting, I've been nominated by Carly of Chic Steals! Thank you so much.

Along with the award, I'm going to nominate 10 lovely blogs that I love:
1. Fvncy
2. Valentine
3. Closet Hound
4. Glamourous Ambition
5. Viva la Fashion
6. Sunburnt Style
7. Potato's Blog
8. Shine by Three
9. Pages Couture
10. Couture Carrie

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Photos courtesy of NyMag


FashionJazz said...

Luved your post, fabulous pictures and congrats on your award : )x

Constance said...

These are beautiful dresses! x

BarelyVogue said...

Love this inspiration and congrats on award
Visit my blog to win a contest I am having now.

pink powder said...

Love this! Congrats on the nomination :)

Ashley said...

Love the silk dresses, the drapey style looks so comfy and the fabric is gorgeous!

xoxo, Ashley

E said...

I just bought a house and I"m hypersensitive to decorating ideas so I love these posts! Wonderful fabrics, too!

Bijou's Style said...

love all these

great blog :)


StylePicks said...

Love the dresses


Charleston said...

i love the hand dyed silk, it looks like a work of art! x

Away with the fairy's said...

Oh wow amazing pictures! and blog! following :)

D e g a i n e said...

Love every picture in those post and the stunning necklace below!


Rebecca Rugby said...

Love these pictures you picked Kelly! Such great lighting and texture. Thank you for the very sweet comment on my blog too! xxRebecca

Erica said...

Those Mina Stone dresses are gorge!
Thanks for stopping by my blog ; )

Michelle Elaine said...

Thank you so much for the nomination Cecilia & myself are very honored :)

Hope you're liking our posts this week! All DIYs!!


P.S. - I really wanna get a place of my own with my boyfriend and see if I got what it takes to be an interior designer ;) I doubt I'd have the funds to get what I want, but HAAA that's the fun of figuring out what's in your budget and what you can make!

GG said...

absolutely love the blue dress with pockets. Soooo CUTE!!! i want to see some accessories lik Persona's charms ( exquisite looks!!
<3 the cream heels on the first model

CC said...

Fabulous photos! Love all the dresses. :)
Congrats on the award. Xx

iUnderEye said...

supercute blog! I am following you! check me out. x

Sarah said...

those silk dresses are to die for! so pretty and lovely prints! Great blog xx

leather lace blog said... home decorating inspiration!

Lane :) said...

thanks for the award. and congrats on yours. you totally deserve it! :D

Fashion By He said...

great collection, awesome blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


those dresses are so beautiful!! and that bed in the outdoor looks so peaceful and amazing.

xoxo, b