Friday, September 24, 2010

Mo' Fashion Friday

vena Cava



Bibhu Mohapatra

Chris Benz

Clements Ribeiro

Finally able to breathe a bit. Still not super in LOVE with the fashions this season. But it's okay.. because I understand that the economy sucks and that designers are just trying to create things that are marketable. While the other spectrum other designers are really going out of the box, creating some crazy thing that I really do not like at all. But I won't mention who those designers are but yeah.. haha.

I am still in love with the mixing of prints. And I've noticed A LOT of florals and its just going to keep going until everyone hates florals which kinda sucks, because it was once refreshing. I could go on. But I won't, lol. I'm just in one of those moods. :/

But anyways, Whats your favorite look?

Today's Friday. I'm trying to slow down and stuff. So enjoy your weekend ya'll!! Trying to keep at a pace that won't make me burn out faster.. since I already feel burnt out.

Just one of those weeks that make you wanna eat red velvet cupcakes and dance!

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Courtney Erin said...

I love the Chris Benz, Vena Cava, and Bensoni looks - they're all so beautiful!

xoxo ~ Courtney

michelle_ said...

awesome picks for next year's spring !! i think 2011 spring collection is much better than the ones this in 2010 !


Lane :) said...

yum! red velvet sounds really, really good right now. :D

Phiephie + Minnie said...

Loving Doo Ri's collection! And red velvet cupcakes are my fave :)

Hope you can stop by The Fashion Smoke

Phie Phie xx

Luca Belotti said...

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Bye LB

lacee said...

yeah this season not alot to pick from--but am liking Vena Cava and Chris Benz!

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Jen said...

That red dress = AMAZING!!