Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BCBG Max Azria Pre-Fall 2011

Bravo to BCBG, I am in LOVE! :) I feel like there is a somber elegance to this collection that is really refreshing and new. I'm really loving it because this collection signifies a change in fashion, okay maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration. But it is definitely something different from what has been on the runway, while also still being wearable. I love the simplistic modern pieces like the jacket in the third look can be paired with more of their bolder dresses this season! And I just love it, and I haven't been able to say that in a while. :) 

+ 3 more days until Christmas. I'm kinda excited.. now.. even though Christmas shopping was not fun for me. lol. Well technically 2 days because my family celebrates on Christmas Eve! :)

+ I have been cleaning my studio, and working on starting my project that I'd love to get started now! But it takes time. And I'm working on being realistic with my own time. haha. It is definetely tough.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! What are you guys up to??


J.Ashley said...

I love the last dress, and the first

pluww said...

the second to last piece is gorgeous. i love the back design!

Melanie Alexandra said...

Hey Kelly! It's been a while!

Love the dresses so much. There's something almost architectural about them. The color and shapes sort of lend to a really geometric and modern feel.

I'm not usually a big fan of BCBG (except I always love their pumps!) but this is a really great collection :)


Lily said...

I haven't seen this collection until now. It is different from what they usually go for with the bolder colors but still keeping the softer fabrications. I really like this new take on their asthetics but I'm just not really sure if it'll fit in with their type of customer though. For some reason, I always think beige with some sparkle and glam when it comes to BCBG. I just think it's like they had tried to leap out of their comfort zones but not

Anyway, thx for sharing! happy holidays, i'm back in va. hope we can hang out!

Mimi said...

i loooove bcbg too! :D

i will be spending the holidays with my family and friends. i wish you a very merry christmas! :)

<3, Mimi

cathy. said...

IN LOVE. The blocks of colour are so incredibly awesome, I'm about to burst into tears. :P


cathy. said...

IN LOVE. The blocks of colour are so incredibly awesome, I'm about to burst into tears. :P


Leia said...

What a stunning collection! & merry christmas!


Anonymous said...

I love this collection! For the holidays I'm going to chill at home w/ my family. Best holiday plans ever ;)

xo Sherrie

Carly said...

BCBG looks so great. Nice to see a more mature design aesthetic. Definitely more wearable.

The maxi skirt is here to stay, I guess...I have seen that all over for pre fall/fall collections.


Jen said...

Love that 3rd dress!! What a perfect dress for the holidays!

Happy Tuesday Darling! xo