Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lusting for: A.L.C.




I am obsessed with these A.L.C. dresses. I want them so badly. They would be perfect for going out. If only, I wasn't on a college budget, these babies cost from $400 and up!


+ Blogging fail!! I'm going to start being really busy this semester, and my calender is already overloaded with events, due dates and etc etc. My last senior semester of college.. And It's daunting. But I'm enjoying it every second. And really trying to spend time with my friends when I can. So I probably won't be blogging for a while again. I might post every so often. But currently my 3 priorities are: School, Career, and Relationships. And I'm also trying to balance everything else out. So I'll be posting every so often.

But I'll try to keep tweeting as much as I can so follow me: !

I love you guys!

<3 Kelly


lin said...

the back cutout is sexy!
good luck balancing everything! we'll miss you :)

xx, lin

Away with the fairy's said...

That maxi dress is divine!

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

Love those dresses. And I hope you enjoy your last semester :)

xo Sherrie

Antonio Barros said...

Lovely blog! I'm definitely starting to follow you! :)

diana (hotbeautyhealth) said...

That college budget gets me everytime too. They are amazing dresses.

meelusha said...

lovely dresses indeed, but out of my league for now as well. good luck with school and your plans!

p.s. since you love vintage, don't forget to join the cool vintage giveaway on my blog (60s silk scarf by daniel la foret-paris)

laDorian said...

cute love these dresses

Kaleido Mind said...

aww, good luck with school!! its always hard to prioritize, but it sounds like you have it down;)

Federico Panarello said...

so cute!!!