Saturday, August 28, 2004

astrology stuff.

Your Individuality: Sun in ScorpioYou were born under the sign of SCORPIO and your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto, which endows you with great energy and the ability to conquer everything.
Your Sun sign is FIXED and this impels you to fulfill an organizing function, either in thought or action. Your attitude is firm, persevering, stable and decisive. You have the ability to concentrate profoundly on your projects and to stay firm in your purposes. In spite of this, you will have to cultivate a certain flexibility to avoid obstinacy and selfishness.
Scorpio it is a WATER sign which makes you receptive and intense. The success of your projects depends almost exclusively on your emotional state. You need to feel that you have control or power in the place of your work.

revelation report

Sun in Scorpio:Your instinctive ability to get past the effects and see the cause of a problem makes you a natural detective.
Mercury in Scorpio:You watch, you observe and you express only what is necesary. You hear what is NOT said as well as what IS.
Venus in Sagittarius:Your love nature is open and affectionate. You love adventure and must be free to soar.
Mars in Libra:Partnership comes first to you, and you give 100% to your meaningful relationships.


past life report.

At times you may be considered by others as somewhat different, although on your own part, when those of comparable mental ability are part of your experience, you are known as a soul with nobleness of purpose and high-mindedness of principles.
Long ago you may have been part of the once mighty Mongolian people of the ancient Gobi desert, or among the culturally advanced Chinese. From such lifetimes as these, you have the ability to perform what is expected of you and to do what is necessary without being held back by your feelings or by considerations of a personal nature. This is a strength you inherited from one or more past lives in these remote Asian cultures, whose people shared this self-denying trait.
Perhaps you were once a young Chinese woman who gave birth to many children, ran a large household and pleased the master of the house. You may have done all this while quietly enduring the agony of brutally bound feet which was once a rather cultural requirement of the true ladies of ancient China.

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