Tuesday, September 14, 2004

short story ill put in my zine.

I want to know why fate or our creator has decided for my childhood friends to enter my life again. It's difficult to see them all over again, but somehow i realize that they were just something i needed to get over. One of my best friend's as a little child was this boy, he and i dressed up on twin day. and he wasnt even supposed to be my twin but that was fun. Its akward to see him again, especially cause he invited me to his bar-mitz fa and i didnt get the invitation so i didnt go. kinda made me feel upset that i didnt get it. becuase by the time we were both 13 we were already seperated by school and cliques especially at that tender age and starting a new school. when he told me , i felt guilty and wished i went cause if i did i bet we would still be friends. but why regret things you couldnt help? now when i see him again and he trys to strike up a conversation somehow it just starts and fades away quickly. being best friends were great but the challenges of boys VS girls and cliques were too great of a power, i guess. Fate has told us that we dont belong together. child hood friends will always last as one of those good memorys i just dont want to see what they have become. especially since half of them are hypocritical people who arent even true to themselves anymore, mostly have changed and became mutant preps.. well not mutant but bitchey preps. this is life as it is.