Saturday, August 18, 2007

today was a busy, and tiring day.
It was finally the day for the end-of-summer potluck. I was pretty dissappointed mainly cuz alot of people showed up later, and then that scared me cuz i thought everyone was gunna bail. but it ends up rani, grace, jessi, emily, xtina and kyle came. It ended up turning great. The weather was absolutely perfect, which made it awesome because its been pretty hot lately. We listened to music, and chilled out. We ate good food. mainly junk food but who really cares when its the last time we're gunna hang out before college starts. Walked around, and then i accidently walked into a branch, and it bruised/scratched my toe. it was fun though, even though i was in semi pain. played some frisbee, played on the swings. saying some goodbyes.
It was sad because we're all leaving. So I started crying. It was sad... its like all of a sudden, im upset. But I know it'll all turn out fine.