Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Beginning

Its officially been a month since I have been in college. I'm really happy with everything right now. Classes aren't too difficult. My job @ the library is very chill. The fashion club is a great way for me to get to meet other fashion ppl, and to do events for my resume. I got to go the French Embassy for the Runway Africa show. It was awesome working with the designer of Sika. It was such great fun. I am also now majoring in fashion design, and minoring in fashion merchandising. Its fun stuff. I really can't wait to get sewing, and creating clothes for my first collection.
Now I'm planning my handmade xmas gifts for my friends. I want something that I can make in bulk, isn't edible, and something that they will like. wow that sounds really difficult actually. Oh well I will always find a way.