Monday, December 03, 2007

Final Exams

It's basically crunch time for all college students. I'm feeling my brain being squished 2 nothingness. I have a final design project, final drawing project, english portfolio, and a 2 pg paper due on thurs. And I have to study for my math exam, and for clothing construction as well. I drank coffee not for the first time.. but for the first time to get energy. And now I am definetely crashing. I am exhausted, I am never depending on caffiene ever again.
I am currently working in the library.. and i finished my english portfolio, and my 2 pg paper. So i'm pretty on the ball right now. I hope my drawing project turns out alright.
THe only thing that i want to do right now.. is knit, or make jewelry, thats all i want. .cuz i seriously dont wanna do any real work. I cannot wait for winter break.

<3 Kelly