Friday, January 11, 2008

27 Dresses

Luckily, yesterday I won a pass to watch ' 27 Dresses'. So I decided to bring my mom. So we went to the georgetown theater in dc. It's nice as always. when we got there it was 6:30, and there already was a line! I was not suprised at all.
Anyways we got some cute goodies like this 27 dresses mini-notebook, and this fortune cookie. Which is in the picture up top. The movie was cute! It's predictable, but its still funny. The cast was great, Katherine Heigel, and James Marsden worked really well together. I love this movie. I might just buy it on dvd.
It was a good day overall. I bought an adorable bcbg dress, and 3 hoodies from h&m. Shopping is bliss.