Sunday, May 17, 2009


Lately, I haven't accomplished much. The only thing I've done is create a new layout for my website, I literally just finished it and posted it up yesterday night. Now my friend is creating some graphics for it as well. This layout is really simple, But i'm working on adding a bit more interest to it.
Andd.. I am looking for some new shoes, I'm tired of the plain ol' flip flops, i'm on the search for some cute, fashionable everyday shoes that are not old navy flip flops. Not that there's anything wrong with them, But my feet are bored, and in need of something different. And they must be affordable since I haven't found a summer job yet.

Steve Madden, $90, definetely not in the budget range, but really cute!

Report Scarlet $40 , I've been looking for a pair like this except not exactly like it.

Align Center

Alice + Olivia for Pay less, $38

And I was also thinking maybe revamping my heels, then I don't have to spend any money. Anyways, have a happy Sunday everyone! So I hope I'll be able to go shopping soon, But let's hope I find a job as well!