Monday, June 14, 2010

The Color Red

The color of passion, and power.. I feel like red, and or red-orange, have become a really dominant trend in pre-fall. I really think that this will only be the beginning of this trend.

What do you guys think? I really love it a lot, especially the red-orange.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. (: Love the layout. very clean and fresh


Couture Carrie said...

Gooooorgeous post!
I particularly love that red strapless gown!


Anonymous said...

Wow I could definitely see red becoming really hot in the fall! Love all these outfits, so simple yet such a big statement.

Valentine said...

Nice... Which designer on picture 8?
-the life of a belgian stylist-

Kelly said...

Sarah - Thank you!! I'm glad you like the layout.

Carrie - Thank you!!

Awk. Socialite - Thank you!! I love the simplicity and the bright pops of red.

Valentine - Thank you!! #8 is from Erin Fetherston.

Anonymous said...

I love that cut-out red dress. And agreed! A red that is close to orange looks exquisite.


Bionica said...

so fun
my fav is the dress in the last picture
very pretty =)

if you get a chance, please visit me at

-Bionica said...

i love the first pic and the floor length strapless dress.. minimal and perfect

Margaret said...

that first dress is amaaaazing :)
thanks for the gorgeous comments! xx

Kelly said...

Thank youu!! :DD

<3 <3

The Fashion Cloud said...

This collection is just too gorgeous the red and orange is to die for. And that little orange and black tied dress is lovely