Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Tribal

I love this editorial so much. And typically I'm not really a fan of the tribal makeup. But I love the makeup too. The different combinations of textures as well as bright summer hues really create a beautiful editorial.

Do you guys love it?!

Vogue Germany, July 2010.

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kirstyb said...

fabulous xxxx

Anonymous said...

I like how (in the last photo) the hair sort of blends into the make-up, but agreed, tribal make up is difficult to pull off for everyday wear. But tribal wear could be adapted! Those huge colorful bracelets+rings in the first photo look do-able!



Valentine said...

Very inspirational...!

I have worked on the last dress (Alexander Mcqueen) while I was in his studio... I will put pictures of it shortly ;)


-the life of a Belgian stylist-

Rachel Lynne said...

Love this editorial, the styling and makeup is insane!


Margaret said...

i do! that's jacquelyn isn't it? she looks so different in a good way :)

The Jilted Lovers said...

I love it! Ive always been a fan of ethnic,tribal prints.

LittleWelshGirl said...

Stunning, love the ruffles in the second one! And the clashing print and colours in the fourth.

And thanks for the sweet comment and following me! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow--these designs are so bold and beautiful. I also love the Photoshop treatment of the pictures--they add a lot of character.