Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to the Darkness

I just can't seem to stay away from the colors black and gray. And Juan Carlos Obando definitely gives me a reason to go back to my beloved black color. :) I'm also enjoying the gradient colors, and the structured ruffles too.

And PS I love those shoes!!



Anonymous said...

Love the post!
The heels are really kicking!


Fashion Butter said...

awesome picks - I just love them. X

Carly said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm glad you all liked my photo shoot.

I really like your blog, you share some great collections and inspiring pictures. I'll definitely be stopping by again soon.

Have you finished studying your design course yet?


Lane :) said...

i love the shoes too. but i really adore the yellow pop of the necklace in the first picture. :)

Kelly said...

Audrey - Thanks, glad you love the shoes too!!

FashionButter - Thanks!!

Carly - Thanks!! Glad you like my blog. I've got one more year of design school, and I will graduate!!

Lane - Thanks!! :) I love the pop of yellow as well.

Additionsstyle said...

Very cool pieces! I am loving the bracelets!

Anonymous said...

Those cut-outs on that vest. Oh. My. GOSH.
Biggest. Heart. Ever.



chloe said...

amazing shoes, love it!
check out our vintage store!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! That's so funny you found my blog. I love Keiko Lynn's blog. Great inspiration photos on your blog!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Love BLACK and gray as well. Fierce looks.

Ashley said...

The shoes are ridic!I love the ombre dress in the first shot, so amazing.

xoxo, Ashley