Friday, June 18, 2010

Interview with Banappleart's Lily!!

I'm excited to present my very first Q&A, with Banappleart's, Lily. One of my summer goals is to learn how to put makeup on myself. And who better to ask than the woman who helps me put makeup on my face due to my lack of makeup experience. Hahaha...And also instead of my makeup inspiration she provided me with some of hers! I love the first photo with the eye lashes.. Truly inspiring!! And also the last two photos she did herself, aren't they great? Anyways here we go:

What inspired you to start playing with makeup?

I was always fascinated with make up but I never got into it until I began my freshman year in college. I had a job and whenever I could I would walk across the street from my job to Sephora and browse forever...then I'd go home and visit make up blogs, forums, websites and read about different products to expand my knowledge...and it just went on from there :D

Whats your favorite part about makeup?

You're able to transform yourself, and there's so many different varieties and products...and it's fun!

What product[s] can't you live without?

I cannot live without my Urban Decay Primer Potion, and my Milani Brow kit. Having well groomed and nice brows is very important :)

What do you recommend for someone who is beginning to wear makeup?

Experiment, make up is one thing that you can definitely have fun with. Invest in good products. Cheap doesn't always mean great, but pricey doesn't mean it's worth it either. Know what drugstore products are good and what to avoid can save A LOT of money.

What kind of tools, and brushes must a new makeup wearer have?

I cannot live without: a tweezer (to pluck those stray hairs from my brows); Sponge tip applicator, they're easy to carry with and are super cheap compared to brushes. and you might be surprised that they pick up color very well and a kabuki, large powder brush: for buffing powder on your face for a flawless complexion

What are the basic makeup must-have's that we should invest in?

A few neutral colors for eyes can be great for day time and work. A dark vs. light color duo for a smoky eye. Concealer: always a must have for when you need to cover up redness, scars, or spots.

Also, I have single eye lids, as do you, what are your tips for those with single eye lids, especially for those new to makeup?

I actually have hidden/inner double lids, the fold is less apparent and is hidden when my eyes are open so it looks like single but it's not...hard to explain lol But I do get similar problems like single lids do because when i put on eyeliner or eye shadow, it's hard to see or it smudges like crazy

I suggest using waterproof everything, eyeliner, mascara etc and always wear a primer before hand so the color does not transfer or crease

Oh, I see, Any other tips for newbies?

Don't wear make up to sleep, but that should be obvious. Always hydrate your skin, drink water! (which I should be doing more often as well haha). Wear make up as little as possible because you have to let your skin breath!!

Anything else you would like to say?

Just have fun with it and go crazy :D

Thanks Lily for the interview, it was really great to understand more of your makeup guru-ness, and see why you love makeup so much!!

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. You can visit Lily's blog here!!

Do you guys have any other makeup tips you'd like to share?! I'd love to hear about it!!


fashionstoned said...

Great post!! definitely gonna visit her blog=)

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Fun Q&A :)
Thanks for your lovely comments!

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Hey nice post! Loving the first picture with the feather. It's inspiring

Adele said...

Wow, inspirational!
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that first picture is awesome!! :D

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i like the last picture..!

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really great interview- with some useful tips!! I love Urban Decay too!! Great blog dear xx

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You should probably find a friend who's obsessed with makeup and hang out with her for an afternoon & play around with her collection.

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Thanks for the great tips, the pictures are fantastic :)

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Thank you all for the kind words!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the Q&A, hopefully more to come. :))

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