Friday, June 11, 2010

Mo' Resort Part 2

After posting the last blog post, I was thinking, hey this will be my last post about resort. But heck no!! I'm so not done and over with Resort! :))

Can I just say how happy I am, that brighter more colorful hues are back!! .. So ecstatic about it. Especially since I'm trying to move out of wearing mostly black, and grays. Kinda can't help but fall in love with resort.


Anonymous said...

oh too much beauty here, love 2nd and the last 4 sooo much!

E said...

#2 is definitely my fave!!

Alenka said...

Oh, your choices are great, I love the first dress and want to have it;)

Ashley said...

WANT that first blue dress! And the colorful maxi dress farther down! I'm so into color right now! :)


Anonymous said...

Cute blog ♥

Kasia W. said...

love the first dress!

Margaret said...

so much love for balenciaga :D
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx