Friday, June 11, 2010

Mo' Resort 2011

Resort! Yay! I'm so tired and lazy and I was guna make several separate posts of this years resort, but they just seem to come all at once.

What's your favorite look from resort?

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Valentine said...

I like the orange and mustard outfit... very fresh.
-belgian fashionista-

Jen said...

OMG... That first outfit with the skirt and the tube top is STUNNING!! I've been looking at it for the last 5 mintues and trying to figure out how I can duplicate it! Thanks for the inspiration!

maureen- said...

some dresses are stunning! very pretty ! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Those combat boots + socks are making my life. That first image = my doppelganger if I was a ridiculously rich glamorous chick who lived in the desert. And those Grecian dresses, SIGH, love!